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I created these nature sprite tiles a while ago and have decided to organize them for anyone who wants to use them. Included are animated tiles (river, tree, bush and flower) along with a few other static pngs that you can use in whatever project you'd like.

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Tags2D, animated, nature, Pixel Art, Tilemap, Tileset, Top Down Adventure


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GuttyKreumNatureTilesvol1_v2.zip 946 kB


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This asset pack can i used in both free projects?


Heya. The asset pack can be used in both free and commercial projects!



Nice work! But i dont know how to set it up in my project... can you help me please?

Thank you! I am not sure what game engine you're using. These assets were not optimized for any one specific engine use.

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Nice, very pretty. Thank you!

Thank you. No worries, glad you like it. : )


Check out my projects if thats so nice



This is so beautifull

Thank you very much! : )


The tree animation looks weird but everything else is stunning


Yeah, I can understand. These were some of my first assets I created. Thank you for the kind words!


You’re welcome! And I really mean it, this is great stuff and it’s amazing you’re giving it away for free


hey, really love the artstyle, could you upload your color pallets too?


Thank you. I didn't have a definitive color palette for this set and most of the processes used for things like animating the water added a ton of colors. So unfortunately you can't get a clean palette by pulling the colors from most of the sprites. If you wanted to build custom tiles to add to this set, I would work with the greens on the floor tiles and the yellows for the dirt mostly.

okey i see :) thank you anyway, 

ye i wanted to have a few more probs and variations of the trees for example , i will try that out :)

are you also planning to make more assets in that style? your other stuff looks great too but kinda (at least in my eyes) dont fitts for that one.  :D

No worries!

Let me know how it goes. I don't have any planned at the moment in the style this set is in, but it's a possibility for farther into the future.


all right , sounds like a plan :)


I really like the water, but I just can't figure out how to put it into my game.

Would it be possible for you to put the animations as png strips as well as gifs?  I've tried extracting the frames out of the gif files with a couple different programs (including irfanview) and the programs have been spitting out extracted frames with inconsistent sizes.  Probably some dumb gif format thing (only recording the changed bits internally?), but makes them extremely hard to use on a technical level.



Heya RestartMV!

I just uploaded GuttyKreumNatureTilesvol1_v2.zip and it contains a folder called 'AnimationFrames'. In there you will find the individual frames for each animation in the png format.

Let me know if that helps!


Thanks a lot!  It looks like it's gonna work perfectly :)


No worries! : D


its so nice!!!! Thank you

Not a problem. I'm happy that you're enjoying them! : )

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i know it sounds weird but can you make a fish or more fishes? :D edit:a underwater world for the river?

That's a possibility for the future! I have so much new content to create lined up that I may not get to that for a while however.


Gorgeous ! You are really talented :-) ! 

Thanks a lot! : )


would it be ok if i could use this in my first game? i will credit when done


Yes of course! Always happy to see these tiles go to use. : D


Great! This is the effect I want, thank you so much! : )

No worries. I'm glad you like them! : D

hey are these 16x16 px ?


Heya! They are mostly 32x32, the only exception being the large tree and tree stump, which are 96x96.


Hi there.  I used some of your art for my browser-based Color by Number game: pixilpincil.com

Thanks, it's a lot of fun coloring them! :D

* I put a link to your itch in the credits

That's awesome to hear, and I am happy to see these go to use. :)



Thank you very much! :)


Can I use this in a possible commercial game? Thank you so much for this. It's so beautiful. I love it. The credits go to GuttyKreum, right?


Heya Luis! Thank you for your interest. Yep, you can use these in a commercial game. The credits go to GuttyKreum, that's correct. : )


Would be nice to add some tall grass, like in Ruby/Emerald after rain area

Getting some animated tall grass in there would be nice : ). I think I'm done with this one currently though outside of being commissioned to create extra tiles that would fit with this.


Awesome O_O

Is the little blue flower headbanging ? :D So metal !

 Thank you !


Little known fact: Flowers love metal music.

I'm glad you're digging the asset pack!

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No problem, I am happy to see these go to use more! When you finish your game, send a link as I'd love to check it out.