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The second volume of my animated pixel-art illustrations. This volume focuses on the twilight hours in Japan, giving ambience of the deep night into dreamlike (and sometimes surrealistic) early hours.

Perfect for use in Visual Novel making programs, for the title screen/cut scenes in your project, or for the background of a Streamer or VTuber channel. These illustrations capture the essence of suburban to rural Japan during the night.

This pack contains:

- 10 animated and static retro pixel-art illustrations with a night time theme at the following resolutions:





- File formats include PNG, GIF, MP4.

- Battleback crops of the illustrations for use in RPGMaker VXAce and RPGMaker MV/MZ.



Credit is required. If you wish to further help support my work, please provide a link to my Itch shop (https://guttykreum.itch.io/) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/GuttyKreum).

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Get this asset pack and 24 more for $172.31 USD
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