More floor options! + Treasure Chest Sprite

I realized I'd forgotten some floor options for non-RPGMaker users (RPGMaker users already have these options because of their autotile system). While I was looking into this I also saw that the treasure chest sprites were missing!

Make sure to check out the new A warning that the main tilemap layouts have been moved around a bit to make room, and to make the new tiles more readable. If you notice any oddities in the tilemaps or tiles offered, please let me know ASAP and I will fix the issue to the best of my ability.

Added 24 new floor tile options and 4 variations of a treasure chest sprite.

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The design for that chest is seriously cool!

Thank you so much! I had seen Tamatebako and was inspired by its design.


It's a good inspiration.  I hadn't ever considered making a box with a tie closure before.  I really like the look, especially how you have it limp on the ground in the open state.

Thanks again, I'm glad you like it! It might be fun to make a set of all differently designed treasure chests and boxes at some point. : )