RPG Maker VX Ace Compatibility Update #2 (Animations)

Afternoon all!

It's been a long night/morning but now everything included should be 100% compatible with RPG Maker VX Ace, including animations. I've updated the download file (now called GuttyKreum_Train_Stationv5.zip). Newly included content:

- New tilemaps for RPG Maker VX Ace versions of animations (8 frames at longest)

- New regular animation tilemaps for use in other programs (12 frames at longest)

- A folder called '8FrameAnimationTutorialVXAce' which contains a series of screen captures showing you how to implement 8 frame animations for things like the included tree tiles (Please let me know if this is confusing to you)

- A folder called 'Regular' which contains all the tilemaps for use outside of RPG Maker

Enjoy! : )

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