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The tileset that kicked off the Japan Collection. A bright shopping district with traditional Japanese buildings.

This is a Japanese themed isometric tileset based on my Honmachi Asaichi Street pixel art, which is based on the real life location in Japan. You can actually check out the location here using Google Street View. All tiles are 32x32 in size.

This asset pack comes with:

- Tilemaps and Autotile compatible with RPG Maker VX Ace

- 336 static tiles in png format

- 8 animated tiles (sequenced pngs and gifs)

- 1 Tilemap png that includes all tiles

- Aseprite files for all included animations

- Animated electrical wires, animated crows, store fronts, modular streets and sidewalks, vending machines and more...

If you're looking to add more to your city, check out my Urban Accessories pack!



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This asset pack was made possible because of my awesome patrons. Consider becoming a patron on Patreon if you enjoy my work: here.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, animated, City Builder, japanese, Pixel Art, Retro, Tileset, Top-Down


Get this asset pack and 3 more for $25.17 USD
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Development log


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I was wondering if i could use these for an RPG game i am working on with a quite popular developer? I am more than willing to give credit to you if you would like!



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Heya ZDHDclan,

Yes, that definitely would be all right. Being credited would be great too, thank you! Once you're able to tell me, I would love to know what game or developer. Or if you want to e-mail me more information, I can be reached at guttykreum@gmail.com.

Thanks again!


i was wondering if i am allowed to use one of these as a brb screen on a twitch stream? theyre so lovely.

Heya! Go for it. If you want to give a link somewhere to the asset pack, I would appreciate it very much.


By any chance, is it possible to use this asset to make a side scroller map? (like the example used as background for this collection)


Heya Splyy!

I've seen it done before, but I believe it took some editing of the tiles (which you are free to do) however.


Have you seen this? They even credit your assets :)


I have checked that out, and it makes me happy to see the assets put to great use! : D

Hello! I'm mainly interested the "flat" style that is in the background of the page (and not the images) are those also in the files? I'm doing a sidescroller perspective game so I really want to know.

Thanks, this really good btw.

Heya SantiGP!

Thanks for reaching out! The background animation is not included in this asset pack. I might add it to the Japan Collection: Backgrounds pack soon however. : )

That's a shame :( . I was mostly looking for that "flat" side-scroller style. I guess I can kinda archieve that stretching this tileset and re-drawing it a bit.

I haven't made many sidescroller tilesets but I'm not against it for a future set. Hopefully you're able to achieve what you're aiming for.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi, I've bought a few asset packs from you to use in my comercial game. And I just wanted to make sure you are cool with it and ask if you would like be in our credits. Thanks, and keep up the good work. 

Heya fredobis!

Thank you very much for the purchases. You can use my packs in a commercial game and I would love to be in the credits. : )


so good!

Thank you!

After fiddling around on a photo editing program, I can confirm that the tiles CAN be upscaled and filtered to look alright for 48x48 mapping, depending on what app you use.

Glad to hear! What  apps are you using  to scale up and what settings are you using on those if you don't mind sharing?


Affinity Photo - after enlargening, use Sharpen - Unsharp Mask, adjusting parameters as desired, and then adjust brightness/contrast for extra effect.

Why there isn't a scaled version for rpgm mv?all your asset packs are really nice!

Howdy! I can't scale tiles originally drawn at 32x32 to the 48x48 that MV requires without the tiles looking stretched. They would have to be mostly redrawn. I'm happy you like the packs!


oh.. ok. Thanks for reply.

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Does this tileset include indoor/interior tiles? Or is it completely all outdoor/exterior tiles?

edit: If not, do you also  have interior tilesets in the same style?


This set doesn't include interior tiles. I don't have a lot of interior tilesets (although I aim to fix that soon) but these interior sets are in a Japanese style and are part of the Japan Collection:






Thanks for reaching out!


Oh ok, that's a shame. I was actually looking for home interior tiles that I could pair with this or the Kanagawa pack.

If you are going  to make an interior tileset in the future, I would suggest a home and office interior tiles that we can pair in the other city tilesets.

Just a heads up that I did release an interior focused set yesterday: https://guttykreum.itch.io/japanese-interior-essentials

Hi, just wondering if crediting is mandatory for the purchased assets, since I can't see to see it in the license section unless I'm missing something >_<. Also I like your work :)

Heya and thanks! It's not mandatory, but it is appreciated as it helps people get more eyes on my work which means more potential sets being released with help from the support!


Awesome, thanks for the response. Will credit for sure :)

No worries, and thanks!

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Hi! Are you able to include the Aseprite files please?
By the way, I love your packs :)

I've included the Aseprite files for the animations now and I'm glad to hear that you love the packs!


This is just amazing! Nothing more to say, just a big thank you!

Heya Kikooo! I'm happy to hear that and I am glad you're enjoying the tiles! : D

Hello, can the sprites be edited and then used?

Heya! Yes, you can edit the sprites for your project. : )

Hi, just want to re-confirm. Can we use a purchased asset to more than one game?

Or it just licensed as a single product (one license for one game only).

No worries! You can use the assets in more than one of your game projects.


wow that's great thanks!

Not a problem! : D


Wow, this is lovely. I really like the animation on the right. If the clouds are scrolling endlessly as well, it would be pretty awesome! I would really like to learn how to do something like this myself in the future.


Thanks a lot! For the pixel art illustrations like the one on the right, I use Google Maps Street View to find references and Aseprite to illustrate it. I actually do have a scrolling version of the clouds, just not with that specific art yet. It is included in my Gothic Castle tileset.


Thanks for the reply! At least now I know the direction to go. Aseprite seems like a nice tool to use. The gothic castle is pretty cool, but my image of gothic is pretty different (high pointy roofs). I still like your japanese assets more, has a very relaxing vibe to it.


No worries, I understand : ). I'll keep creating more Japan themed assets as I go.


Nice, have fun with it! Looking forward to more of your future works!


Good vibe. Very emo.


Thanks very much! : D


Wonderful! I love the colors, reminiscent of the sea, good contrast without being hard on the eyes.

Thank you! I find using blue for dark shadow provides a good watery look. : )


This is gorgeous!! Great job!
Im so excited for your next Tileset (saw it on twitter) do you plan to make even more with the same japanese style?


Thanks! I plan to make quite a few sets with a Japanese style that can all fit together. : )


Wow! beautiful pixel !

Thank you very much. : )


This is absolutely stunning.

Thank you for the kind words. :D

Deleted 4 years ago

I am glad to hear! The zip file has now been updated. Check the 'Sidescrollroof' folder within for the extras. :)


Really good looking tileset. Do you mind sharing the side version aswell? I already baught it because its really lovly designed, more pls!

I'm glad that you're enjoying the tileset and thank you very much for purchasing it! Do you mean the side version like the animation on the right side of this page? Unfortunately I didn't create that with a tileset in mind. I could cut it up into 32x32 pieces but it might appear quite awkward.

(1 edit)

Yes, exactly like that one on the right. As far as I can see the only thing that is of great interest to me are the roof "tiles". So if that is something you can add, well, I would really appreciate it.
If not, no problem I can do it myself in photoshop.

Ever tried doing monsters with animations (spritesheets) in that pixel art style? There is a lack of that on itch and other platforms. You seem to have a good eye for the finer details. Love the crow animation!

I can just send you a still png of the tiles. To be clear do you mean the thin section of tiled roof above the vending machines?

Actually all the roofs, top and in the middle (ones that are on top of the vending machines). Thanks a lot! Another thing, I try to promote decend unknown pixel artists on my yt (still small) channel. Are you okay with it? 


No worries. I see you on my discord now. Send me a DM when you can and I'll send over the pngs. Unless anyone else is interested in which case I'll officially add them to the download. Also I am interested in creating monster and character animations in this style, I'm currently waiting to see how well this pack is received. I'm also okay with you promoting me on your YT channel. Thank you. : )


Good work!

(1 edit)

Thank you! :)