Character Added!


I've added the maid cafe character (folder name "FemaleCafeMaid")  from my Japanese Arcade Game Assets + Music pack and have created a more natural outlined version to go along with the black outline version. I also noticed some issues with the "MaleYouth" character sprite in regard to transparency in the hair, this is now fixed. To gain access to the character, download the new file. 

If the Japanese Arcade Game Assets + Music sounds intriguing, check it out below:

Thank you!

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Do you have a list of the characters available in this offering? I see some little girls, a police officer, a guy in a black jacket, and a dog. Could you be more specific about the types (and approximate ages) of characters included in this? Thanks.


I don't at the moment, however, the screenshots on the main store page for the asset pack display every character included. Thank you for your input on more information I should include. I'll get around to updating the description when possible.